Alex Palmer's Natural History Notes and Thoughts

Thoughts and reflections on various social and environmental issues, as well as naturalist observations from the great outdoors.

me…and environmentalist??

While I frequently occupy myself with environmental fields of work or study, I am hard-pressed to say that I am an environmentalist. I do not live sustainably, which is one of the key elements of being an environmentalist. Of course I do other things, such as support environmental legislation, visit parks and nature reserves, etc. But I really am missing that key ingredient of sustainable living. Allow me to outline some of the things I feel I am doing wrong:

  • I buy too many gadgets.
  • I drive my car too much, even short distances
  • I do not use public transportation
  • I accidentally leave my lights on frequently
  • I use too many bath care products
  • I live in a first-world consumerist nation, where I am encouraged to keep doing what I am doing
Yes, I look at pretty birds and tell people about them, but I do not even stand close to living up to my demands that I make on society. I have much work to do. I’ll try to get started…

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