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Thoughts and reflections on various social and environmental issues, as well as naturalist observations from the great outdoors.

theory, talking, blabbing

No one would argue that we need to be more sustainable in our lifestyles and our societal functions and institutions. And no one should argue that environmental problems need to come out of the hands of exclusivity from environmentalists and conservation scientists. We cannot afford a dichotomy of being pro-environment and anti-environment, because doing this makes the issue of the environment separate from other issues (such as poverty, racism, war, the market economy, etc.).

It is time we start engaging everyone (or at least as many people as we can) into the environmental-social interface. We know all to well that it is time to get moving on sustainable among and within all cultures and political conditions. How do we do this? Well, it all depends on what community or group of people you are working with, and how yours and their actions interact to create or eliminate environmental probems. Be smart and do your homework. There are plenty of resources out there. Book stores, nature centers, libraries, or even just your own observation skills. And if you are apart of a low-income household, then I hope reading my blog will help just a little. I only know so much and so do you. But we can try and make things better if we really want to…and I think we really want to!


One response to “theory, talking, blabbing

  1. Egypt May 9, 2017 at 8:47 am

    Belle recette presque de saison ;-Ja#&)39;)i testé le bouillon aux coquillages, pas mal pour u risotto de fruits de mer par exemple, pour les autres faut voir, il y a vraiment une grande différence avec d'autres marques, pour la volaille en particulier ?

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