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Thoughts and reflections on various social and environmental issues, as well as naturalist observations from the great outdoors.

i just love the outdoors…most of the time

I realize that by titling this blog as my “nature and personal reflection notes,” that it is easy to assume that I love the outdoors. I do love the outdoors of course…but not all the time.

As of right now, I am residing in Northern Wisconsin, where at this time of year it is normally still quite cold and wintry. However, it seems spring has arrived early this year. The snow is melting and the rain is falling…there was even a lighting strike yesterday afternoon. However, this transitional time of year, between the crisp cold winter wonderland to the warm, breezy, flowery smells of spring, is my least favorite time of year.
It may come as a surprise to readers of this blog that I am openly saying I hate being outside right now. For example, today I decided I was going to go for a hike at a trail in the Chequemegon-Nicolet National Forest. After driving 45 minutes, I arrived at the trailhead only to realize I had forgotten my snowshoes! Despite the fact that it was nearly 40 degrees F and that we had just had rain, the snow was still plenty deep, resulting in me having to turn around and drive back home. Later this same day, I went out again to some place closer…this time remembering my snowshoes, only to once again turn around and go home because of large swaths of slushy, deep, and cold puddles impairing my ability to enjoy myself (the snowshoes of course were useless in this event). I drove home in disgust as I glanced up at the grey and gloomy sky and breathed in the damp, clammy air.
The point I am trying to make here is that, although I love the outdoors and all of its plants, wildlife, and adventure, I am nevertheless subject to opinions about nature. It is okay to not want to go outside or be out in the woods when conditions are not favorable. Sometimes it’s better to wait for a sunny day, when you know you can feel good.
Happy trails (if they’re not too muddy)!

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